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How to Lead People & Manage Process Better
Transforming Talents into
Significant Contributors & Collaborators

Clients’ Success Stories

A Telco Organization

25 managers completed our three-stage management development program. Transformation in ways they lead people and manage processes were observed through learning and practicing the techniques in class and applying the techniques at their workplaces. The applications were monitored through their personal action plans. And every action plan has a clear observable behavior that can be measured and observed by their immediate superior.

A FMCG Organization

12 managers and team leaders completed our leadership development program which transformed their leadership mindsets and behaviors in engaging their subordinates, peers and superiors. They reported reduced stress levels as they are able to resolve conflicts better, listen generatively, engage their colleagues better and are able to prevent issues from becoming problems. Each has a set of action plans with observable behaviors for monitoring.

A FCMCG Organization

18 middle managers and team leaders completed our leaders mentoring and accountability group coaching program. Most demonstrated heightened awareness that leading people and managing processes should be done simultaneously as an effective leader. Some showed marked improvements in sharing ideas in group settings and articulation of ideas in a more influencing manner. One showed greater command of spoken English as he took the initiative to take a relevant language course.

Available Public Programs

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NLP Practitioner Certification for Business (NLP-B)
Ability to manage self, collaborate with others and influence others to work well with you to get the results you need!
NLP Practitioner Certification for Changework (NLP-C)
Ability to change and manage self better, lead others through changes while working cohesively to get the results you need!
Manager Development Program (MDP)
Enhance abilities to lead people by being a better role model with the right mindset, an influential communicator and engaging with impressive observable behaviors.
Coaching Techniques for Leaders (CTM)
To apply practical and results-oriented techniques to improve self and subordinates’ performances at work while enhancing the level of trust and commitment.

Clients’ Testimonies

“I have come across many facilitators and you are one of the few that I’d recommend.”
CL, Hong Kong
“I realized that I should lead people and manage processes. That changed everything for the better.”
SA, Malaysia
“Another powerful delivery with great insights. I hope you’ll be with us for a long time to come.”
RC, Malaysia
“Gained so much about leadership from your from-the-heart sharing and experiences. So conversational and engaging.”
TBT, Vietnam